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Northampton Door-to-Door Service

"A minibus service for people in Northampton who cannot use public transport."

No annual membership fee, further terms apply.


Mobility equipment for people with limited mobility to shop.


Manual wheelchairs can be hired for up to eight weeks.


Who We Are


Northampton Door-to-Door Service is a minibus service for people within Northampton Borough who are unable to use conventional public transport because of permanent or temporary disability, infirmity or those suffering age-related mobility problems.

There are two services available once you have registered with us, our regular shopping service and our Door-to-Door Service which covers all other trips within the Borough.

We regret that we are unable to cover trips related to medical appointments.

  • Northampton Door to Door Service will pick you up at your door and take you to any destination within the borough of Northampton
  • NDDS vehicles are all specially built to allow access for wheelchairs and electric scooters
  • Our drivers are specially trained to ensure that your journey with us is comfortable and secure
  • Open to residents of Northampton who cannot use conventional public transport either because of age related mobility problems or due to permanent or temporary disability
  • You don't have to be a wheelchair user
  • There is a registration fee to become a Member which is currently £15.00, payable each year
  • Once registered, Members pay a fare on the outward and return journeys, depending on distance travelled
  • Guide and helper dogs are carried free of charge
  • Please be as flexible as you can in your travel requirements
  • As we only have four buses to cover the whole of Northampton, we may not be able to take you on your preferred day so please try to book early

Latest Updates

News One
Demand Responsive
This is a new minibus service with NO annual membership fee. Additional terms and conditions apply. Please click for more information.
July 25, 2013
News Two
Saturday Opening
In reponse to requests from our members, Northampton Shopmobility will be opening on Saturdays for the month of December and closing on Mondays. If the change proves popular, it will be made permanent
Nov 26, 2012
News Three
RADAR keys can be purchased at Northampton Shopmobility to open any accessible toilet that has a RADAR lock anywhere in the UK.
Apr 06, 2011